Asking Questions

Another way to make a Twitter feed more two-way is to ask questions.

@StoryCorps, an organization that aims to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunities in which to share their stories, has a lively community of contributors who are willing to interact and communicate with the them openly online. As a matter of fact, the feed is constantly updated throughout the day.

To solicit community contributions, @StoryCorps first asks a question. This question, in the post below, asks users to submit stories about their favorite teachers for the National Day of Listening.

In order to reward and recognize users for their answers, @StoryCorps retweeted their users responses to their own audience. This shows users that their contributions are valued and read by a real person working behind the feed.

Another way to show users that their feedback is valued is to feature their content online on the unit’s website or blog or vice versa.